Economy may face 

Founded in 2018, Kyobi was born following a rather interesting journey. Nicholas Lidong’a who had just graduated from university in 2016, was offered two unique graduation gift options by his parents: A celebratory party or cash gift to start a business of his choice, and you can almost guess the choice he picked.

He started off his entrepreneurial walk with his first venture spot futa – something that later culminated Kyobi. Keep reading…

Economy may face double recession

Eager to turn Spot Futa from an idea to a reality, he onboarded a web developer who honestly should have had been called The Swindler, remember the movie The Tinder Swindler? He must have borrowed some swift tactics from there but aligned them to this business relationship because oh my! From well corroborated lies, to well-crafted and dubious excuses, you name it. Instead of getting the web development solution he anticipated, he was “character developed” as they say, and his amazing dream crushed. But that is where his light bulb moment happened.

He realized there was a gap in the Kenyan market: A need for web-based solutions aligned for small businesses and offered by a brand/individual that held transparency, integrity and impeccable high quality customer satisfaction as integral values.

Economy may face double recession

And that is how Nick, his brother Luther and long- term friend Uzoma decided to start  Kyobi, a brand whose focus was to offer unique web- based solutions for small and medium enterprises. They were in agreement that regardless of the challenges they would face, transparency, integrity and impeccable high quality customer satisfaction were values they would stand by no matter what. The inspiration for the name Kyobi as well as their drive and perseverance came from a famous childhood game that I’m sure most have played called Mario Kart, in which the aim was to save the girl despite all the obstacles along the way.

Globally incubate standards compliant channels before scalable benefits. Quickly disseminate superior deliverables whereas web-enabled applications. – Kyobi Digital LTD

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