Technology is one of the key pillars that Kyobi Digital uses to create platforms and systems that work to increase their business and daily activities. 

Visitors management system (VMS)

A visitor management system is a smart method that keeps track of all the guests that come into your premises and in turn it increases accountability and efficiency. The VMS system is an in-house solution developed by Kyobi Digital and it can be customized to the specificity preferred by our clients. 


Thibitisha is an in-house solution created by Kyobi Digital. It is a system that allows product verification and authentication across the value chain. Thibitisha exists to increase traceability and the authenticity of products from when they leave the factory to the point they reach the customer. 

shule online

Shule Online is an in-house solution created by Kyobi Digital. Shule Online is a smart communication, security and accountability system that exists to increase the efficiency that schools and institutions of learning work. 

Pre-built websites

Kyobi Digital offers a range of pre-built websites for our clients who may want a concise, effective and quick solution. Our pre-built websites range between numerous categories as we aim to cater to all fields. 

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Our teams’ full-time availability to cater to your needs in regards to our engagement is a key value that we at Kyobi Digital hold close.


Honesty is a synonym for respect with us and we uphold a high level of integrity with each and every one of our clients.

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