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What Is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the act of increasing the number of quality visitors to a website by increasing the rankings it is listed on in the algorithmic way search results are prepared.

Pages that appear on the first page of a google search are 95% more likely to be clicked on by the user looking for information. As such, everyone would like to appear on the first page, businesses, institutions, blogs and whatever else you might be sharing on the worldwide web.

Google, and Bing, the two main search engines present their search results based on pages it has included in its web index, all of this is in the aim to provide a user with the best answer to their search.

There are over 200 signals used when scoring of search results is done and SEO encompasses a lot of technical as well a creative signals to improve the results they provide the user with the query.

That being said, the SEO involves ensuring that a website is accessible, uses common words that are usually searched for and also is sound in a technical aspect.

So, clearly, you are online to be noticed and in that light need the above, SEO basically increases your relevance in the ocean of similar content.

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